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Free Press for the “Sign Guy”

Hi everybody,

I wanted to share a short film and an article with you.

Some students shot this documentary about my exploits as Sign Guy at Colby over the last four years!


Also, here’s a short article about me from the School Magazine.

kindest regards,


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Sophomore Year Signs

Here are some old sign I excavated from sophomore year!

“Love Conquers All” is  actually my first sign ever from freshman year. Some of my first signs were just pieces of paper taped to this one sign!























































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Last 60 Signs of Junior Year Part V

I must have felt like a cowboy that day, sans the snakehide boots and spurs, standing next to the bull pen in Pulver with Elise Ozarowski. Elise is really chill and her charisma really rubs off on Colby campus!   One of  her favorite quotes is:

“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land, there is no other life but this.”

I’ve always been fond of this Thoreau quote and the transcendentalist movement. My freshman year roommate John Gilboy called Thoreau out for claiming to live self-sufficiently at Walden while simultaneously having his mother do his laundry and escaping to the pub for a pint! But, I like to give him a little leeway for all the good introspective advice he’s offered. Even if he wasn’t in seclusion, his call to seize the moment in all of its profundity is no less meaningful!


Feeling the Aliveness with Mika Mintz, wishing my name was as alliterative. Mika is an outrageously good dancer so its only fitting that one of her favorite quotes is: “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music” by Nietzsche. Ironic that Nietzsche actually wound up going insane. Its a fine line between genius and insanity I guess. Realizing life’s elusive best kept secrets is the music that propels us into going through the motions everyday. Performing the same tasks with novel appreciation, the lackluster drudgery of repetition fades away.Image

Standing beneath a flowering tree, Anika Lindemann and me. Besides being beautiful, Anika is crazy smart and well-rounded. Both of us were taking advantage of the weather and going outside that day!


Standing with Bill Stauffer, Vice-President of Eco-Story, an LED lightbulb manufacturer based out of Portland, Maine. I invited Bill to Colby and he obliged by giving an awesome powerpoint on LED lighting. LEDs have proven to be an environmentally sustainable money-saver for businesses over traditional lights while retaining the look and ambiance businesses desire. They contain no mercury, last up to 40,000 hours and use up to 90% less energy than halogen and incandescent bulbs. The pay for themselves in about a year so it is a no brainer to buy them! Great job saving the environment Bill!


I was pretty amazed by this collapsable bowl that Bill had brought back from China. He was Colby’s first major in Chinese to graduate back in 1989 which turned out to be a great business decision as his knowledge of Chinese led him to set up operations in China which saves him substantial money on production!


The reverse side!


The three finger sustainability salute below belongs to Janice Kassman, a Colby veteran with 29 years of experience under her belt as dean of students and vice president for student affairs. She has done everything from reading difficult names at commencement to teaching etiquette to literally extinguishing fires. Her sense of adventure and eagerness have led her to take cameo roles in the Broadway Musical Revue and judge the Mr. Colby Pageant. Even after her retirement, she plays an active role on campus and is quick to befriend anyone and talk person to person about their Colby experience!Image

Standing beneath the watchful eyes of Audrey Hepburn with Preston Kavanagh. He graduated last year and it was good running into him.  When we both acted together, a costumer once told me that Preston has a perfectly proportional body. Ha! Some people are born with all the luck.


Nora Barnard and I with the world in our hands. Nora has taken many a religious studies class with me and has an extremely tranquil disposition. I really think she might be incapable of getting stressed out! spiritual views are out of this world and entail much wisdom. She lives what she believes and is able to calm any situation with ease and grace! I’ve really enjoyed hearing her discuss near-death experiences that she’s read about and what her psychic advises her to do. She has been remarkably prescient about the way life has unfolded for our friends the last three years.


This photo was the last taken by my friend Weiming during our junior year. I still wore signs after this, but did not photograph them! The sign I’m wearing is an accidental repeat, must have gotten mixed in with the wrong pile! I’m standing next to my roommate and easily one of the coolest dudes on the planet Ethan Farina-Henry from Eugene, Oregon. Ethan always played awesome music in our dorm and gave me an education in what my ears were meant to hear. A salute to you, my west coast hermano!


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Last 60 Sign of Junior Year Part IV

Getting a pick-me-up from Marina Dawn Wells in the Diamond Atrium. Marina is amazing,                                    not just because she has three nouns in her name, but because of her vivacious embrace                                         of life. Her can do attitude and zest for dancing,art and music are sure to imbue anyone with the                                     spirit of happiness and appreciation of what really matters!


I think its neat when I have an unintentional sign. I like “Surpass” because it is so succinct and forthright.” My shirt is from India, a gift from my friend Kishan Bhakta who traveled there in high school.


Kelly Ling (left) and Katherine Ackerman are nonchalant star students who are down                            to earth  and nonjudgmental. Can’t wait to hang with them back at school!


Khaled Khan is not your typical Colby Student, hailing from Kabul, Afghanistan, he has                                          serious street smarts and a flair for being informed and knowing the news. Despite all                                             that he has seen, he still remains optimistic and is a personal example of the power of perseverance.


Pictured with Hannah DeAngelis (left) and Jennifer Stephens, two of the coolest people                                           ever when it comes to dancing, writing, speaking and making a positive difference in                                           other people’s lives!


In the library with Reesa Kashuk, a psych major who graduated this year. I first met                                           Reesa at a meditation retreat where her poise and presence filled the room with tranquility!


Sporting the three finger sustainability salute in Dana dining hall with Katie Rose Allan,                                                a fun-loving gregarious girl from Michigan who loves to dance and throw disc!


Aurore Spiers definitely “has a friend in me.” I got to know this French Teacher’s Assistant                                         well this last semester as she hung out with all my close friends in my dormroom.


Michael Brophy, my freshman year floormate is graduating this year. He was quite the                                              big man on campus as editor of the school newspaper and all-around good guy! My                                              sign: “Be your own boomerang, come back to yourself” is easy to say but hard to do.                                          I’ve never been able to throw a boomerang and have it return to me. But coming                                                       back to yourself, i.e. relearning how to see the world as novel, with the eyes of a child,                                              is a task worthy of constant re-commitment.


On Miller Lawn with Omari “Groovi” Matthews and Eyeris “Pocahontaz” Kim. Omari is                                             one of those people who could be put in a random room and come out ten minutes later                                    friends with everyone he met. Omari is a hilarious actor and the best masseuse at Colby.                                          Eyeris is quite the singer and an awesome person to live down the hall from,                                                     always smiling and conversational!


Avram Reisman is one thoughtful, insightful and caring man. He became one of my closest                                 pals at Colby and has been an ambrosial splash of friendship ever since! We took this picture                                 after placing second in a dumpling eating relay contest. My roommates Max and Autumn                                      were on our team and scarfed sown the fifteen dumplings we each had to eat like the                                         Sarlaac pit from Star Wars. I didn’t even barf afterward although it almost happened!                                               My sign, “effloresce” means to reach the optimum stage of development, to blossom.


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Last 60 Signs of Junior Year Part III

Standing in Miller Library with Jack “Darth” Mauel. Jack’s dedication to excellence shines through his participation on Colby’s swim team. One of his favorite quotes is by Ernest Hemingway: “But man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated.” The phrase “Be all you can be” was coined by Jim Channon, a retired Lieutenant Colonel who founded the First Earth Battalion, the army’s most prominent psychic operations group at the time. Channon is immortalized in the movie “The Men Who Stare at Goats.” I guess you know you’ve done something right when Jeff Bridges plays you in a movie!


Danielle Daitch with her fabulous circle scarf and the always charming Sarina Strohl certainly swim in a sea of positivity. They are a prime example of how great friends make it easy for everyone to get along! Keep on sending tasty baked goods my way gals!


In the Vegetarian Foss dining hall with Bryan Perley. Even though he doesn’t spell his name with an “I,” he’s still one of the chillest dudes I’ve ever met. He is really into DJing and has one of the most infectious laughs I’ve ever heard.

My shirt says volunteering doesn’t pay, but I’d like to think it does on the inside!


Jena Hershkowitz is a truly dynamic personable community pillar! She is super interesting and is not one to shy away from work or adventure. She valiantly ran a weekly poetry night called “Poet’s Rest at Dawn” which was always a clutch space for free expression!



Another photo with the always awesome Hiya Islam. My sign says “Don’t borrow the problems of tomorrow”               and the reverse side says “Or risk slipping into sorrow.”



Posing with Matt Cloherty in front of a topsy-turvy world! Matt is a really nice guy and                                    his ambition will take the world by storm!                               


Wearing stripes with Julia Deutsch, one of the most stylin’ girls to graduate Colby!                                     My sign The word on my sign, “Eudaemonic,” is an adjective meaning conducive to happiness.


Doug joins Jeff and Hiya with the dubious honor of appearing in multiple sign guy pictures.                                                 The quote, “Hope Spring Eternal” is from America’s first prominent nudist and postmaster                                  general Benjamin Franklin.


In Pulver Pavilion with Roger Woolsey, head of the Career Center at Colby. Rog was                                    instrumental in setting up my project this summer through the Sustain Mid-Maine organization                                          to create a proposal for a mulit-product organic dairy facility in Waterville, Maine.


Posing with Ethan Meigs, aka MC Enamel, he’s got my back in any rap! The quote is by                                     original gangster Thomas Jefferson.


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The Last 60 Signs of Junior year Part II

“Fall Into the Patterns of Love”

This photo is the only one I’ve ever taken in my last dorm room. Kayla Chen is one of my closest friends and I’ll be sure to keep in touch with her when she moves to Argentina! I wish it had not taken until her senior year for us to become such pals, but better a short time to get to know someone than no time at all. Kayla is fluent in Chinese and Spanish and is an incredible dancer. Watch out world!

Miles de Klerk is awesome and this sign really reflects his values as he is well-informed and doesn’t take guff! The shirt I’m wearing is from a Colby POSSE retreat that focused on gender. The shirt’s slogan, “Born this way?” and the theme of the retreat really made me walk in others’ shoes and appreciate the struggle of sexual orientation which I had not thought of much as a straight male. The POSSE program which hosted the retreat offers scholarship for underprivileged students. All of my POSSE friends are awesome and make Colby a more loving environment!

Lizzy Woodbury is such a spunky, peppy person that she lights up any room she walks into! The sign, “Turn Wisdom Into Wounds” is my first guest sign- the quote is by Oprah! My football coach in high school used to say, “Go tell your problems to Oprah” because he sure wasn’t going to listen to them! Mr. Maradei was also the physical science teacher and I ended up giving him a framed picture of Oprah he could reference to in class. He still keeps it on his desk.

Arvia is a girl after my own heart. I do not mean that she is romantically pursuing me, but that she is pursuing my first intended major, psychology with a concentration in neuroscience. Arvia is one of the most genuine well-intentioned girls I know and I’m thrilled she is in my class year!

Alex MacMillan is one of the coolest cats at Colby. A humble hunk who speaks his mind, Alex has a career ahead of him in the rap industry!

Colby wouldn’t be the same without Mark Nelson, baseball pitcher and all-around gentleman who is never too busy to say hello or take a minute to pose for a photo!

Outside my dorm room with Solón Antonio Argüello, a truly dapper dude with an eye for fashion and panache!

Megan Rose MacKenzie is a wonderful human being! Nothing but thoughtful conversations and meaningful moments had with this California girl!

Another photo with Jeff Carpenter, sporting the Sustainability salute like a boss! Jeff was actually THE sign for that day due to his all-around awesomeness!

Pictured with Julia Lo on my right and Hiya Islam on my left. I can’t say enough about Julia, she is the most genuine person I’ve ever had the fortune to meet. She is extremely considerate and has taught me so much about living a full life. I really am grateful for every moment we spent together and how she brought out the best in me. Hiya is just as great and a very dear friend. She hails from Bangladesh and is a physics major which complements her zany sense of far-out humor!


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The Last 60 Signs of Junior Year Part I

The first 10 sign installment of my last 60 signs of the school year!

“Happiness Depends on you”

My first pose captured by photographer and rising senior at Colby College, Weiming Huang, a great friend of mind from China. I could think of no one better to take this photo with than Lauren Colwell. She is one of the friendliest and outgoing people I know and is never without a smile. If everybody was as excited about life and as easy to talk to as Lauren, Colby would be a nicer campus!

Jane Allen is one of my favorite people on the planet! Her disposition is as sunny as Florida from which she hails! Jane is hilarious and buoyant, able to turn any frown upside down with her 80s pop culture references!

Doug Newkirk is one of my closest friends and I’ve had the privilege to act with him in a number of productions at Colby. In our last play together, he was the good cop and I was the bad cop. He got to do the closing monologue and I had to stagekick our friend Rob in a corner. Speaking of hurting people, two of Doug’s rules to live by are Don’t Hurt Anyone or Piss Anyone Off. Well said Doug!

In the Pugh Center with Margaret Sargent. The Pugh Center’s mission is to promote multicultural communication and understanding at Colby. Margaret is an awesome singer for Colby’s Broadway Musical Review (BMR). I acted in her first play at Colby, the Laramie Project.

My spirits being lifted by Trip Venturella! Saying Trip is one of a kind is an understatement. He is one of the finest human beings I have ever had the honor of encountering. As a fellow Religious Studies major, he studied abroad in Bhod Gaya, India, the site where Shakyamuni Buddha became enlightened under the Bhodhi tree over 2,500 years ago. I will be doing the same program as Trip which is offered by Antioch University. I will be living in a Burmese monastery for three months and then doing an independent study of Tibetan throat chanting with the Gyuto monks in Dharmsala for a month.

Pictured with three time world champion hoop dancer Brian Hammill and his wife and son who carries on the tradition. Brian performed his hoop dance at Colby, balancing a dozens hoops on his body while dancing. During the dance, shapes are formed in storytelling ritual such as the butterfly, the eagle, the snake, and the coyote, with the hoop symbolizing the never-ending circle of life.

On the academic quad with Jack Harris (left) and Grant Patch, my roommate during junior year. These guys have taught me tons from philosophy to music and I am indebted to them for all the great memories from coffee house sing- alongs to hikes in the arboretum.

Jeff Carpenter is fluent in Japanese and Cool hand luke with a video camera. Talk about an outstanding guy with a great sense of humor! Jeff is level-headed and quick with a quip, not to mention that he could film himself as he doubles as an actor!

Chillaxify, a portmanteau of to make chill and relax! Livin’ the dream! Boo yah


Molly Hodson is one of the brightest rays of sunshine that has shown on Mayflower Hill. She really brightened up the Grossman Art Housing dorm we lived in sophomore year!







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Junior Year: The First 17 Signs

My first 17 signs for the 2011 School year

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