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Sustainable Environment in China

on June 9, 2012

People may have the misconception that China is its big cities, and while urban centers do comprise a large part of the population, the beauty of its countryside is unparalleled.


Dubbed as the “Soul of Guilin,” the Lijiang River is flanked by majestically shaped mountains on both its banks reminiscent of the floating islands from Avatar. The World Bank financed a project to protect the environment on both sides of the river, which will be completed in three years at a cost 61.3 million yuan (USD $7.39 million). Workers have already built protection facilities and planted trees along 5,922 meters of Lijiang River to conserve this highly popular eco-tourist destination.



Jiuzhaigou is a breathtaking alpine valley discovered by lumberjacks in the 1970s. It is over 320 meters wide! On the World Natural Heritage List and the UNESCO list, it is a nature reserve with takins, snub-nosed monkeys and giant pandas.




Founded in 1994, Friends of Nature (FON) is the oldest environmental NGO in China citizens. FON promotes environmental awareness and remains committed to helping its members proactively undertake their responsibilities and actions as green citizens and consumers. FON has its own Mountain Hiking Club, Birdwatching Club, Botany Club and even its own Choir Club to advocate living a low-carbon lifestyle!



In Beijing, China Youth Climate Action Network cohosted the International Youth Summit on Energy and Climate Change in July in part to convince Chinese colleges to reduce their emissions by 20 percent by 2012! Pretty ambitious right!?



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