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Sustainable Energy & China

on June 9, 2012



With ever increasing world demand and scarcity, China has become more dedicated to economic development and societal harmony dependent on renewable energy. Abundant and cheap energy is the engine of growth driving progress. The CCP’s promotion of wind and solar energy technologies has set a stunning example for other developing countries. The Chinese Government has worked out relevant policies while its business sector has developed relevant techniques. China has decisively steered towards cleaner and sustainable energy, and this tendency is likely to speed up.


 Suntech is the world’s largest producer of solar panels with 1,800MW of annual production                                   capacity by the end of 2010. With offices or production facilities in every major market,                                     Suntech has delivered more than 13,000,000 solar panels to thousands of companies in                                         more than 80 countries around the world.


China erects 36 wind turbines a day and is building a robust new electricity grid to send                                             this power thousands of miles across the country from the deserts of the west to the                                          cities of the east. It is part of a long-term plan to supply 15% of the country’s energy from                            alternative and renewable sources by 2020.


The company, Whale Power, has redesigned the typically smooth                                                                       blades on a turbine, adding a series of ridges, based on tubercles,                                                                        the bumps on humpback whale fins. The company says this new                                                                  blade design can increase annual electrical production by 20% by                                                                  retrofitting existing wind farms.

This technology uses Constructal theory, an evolutionary principle                                                                       stating that we can design devices for human use based on the                                                                    occurrence of that design in nature! Breaking the traditional boundaries                                                                     between biology, physics, geology, it describes how flow systems like                                                          organisms, river basins and even Beijing changing through time.                                                                      Constructal theory says that for any of these flow systems to persist,                                                                  to sustain, or survive, they must be structured (architecturally designed)                                                                    in such a way that the things within that system increasingly get to where                                                            they need to go. This gives shape and structure to everything that evolves                                                           over time.


According to the UNFCCC database, by November 2011,                                                                                          China was the leading host nation for Clean Development                                                                           Mechanisms (CDM) projects with 1661 projects (46.32%)                                                                                           of a total of 3586 registered project activities.


Electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids will reach about                                                                                            10 percent of the Chinese new car market by 2020.                                                                                          Chinese BYD Auto has released the first mass-produced                                                                                   electric car model in the world!

While China still has many strides to make for sustainability,                                                                                     these are all encouraging signs that we can globally move                                                                                               toward embracing renewable resource and be optimistic about                                                                                         saving the planet!




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