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Sustainable Air & Water Initiatives on the Rise in China

on June 9, 2012


The average Chinese citizen is responsible for a fraction of the greenhouse emissions of the average American—and the country is not bound by any international treaty to reduce its emissions. While pollution is a massive problem, one collaborative, six-year study of carbon dioxide levels in Beijing and surrounding provinces suggests that combustion efficiency, a component of overall energy efficiency, is improving in the region.



The Water purification business is growing as over 30 million residential water purification systems were sold last year in China. It created sales revenue of 30 billion yuan ($4.76 billion), according to data from the China Water Purification Association.



Officials from the health and epidemic prevention station of Harbin municipal government exame a water purifier at a store Heilongjiang province. Chinese people’s increased awareness of the quality of the water they drink daily is stimulating demand for water purifying products.





Launched in 1978, China’s massive tree-planting program covers 42% of China’s landmass and will be the biggest man-made carbon sponge on the planet by 2050. Chinese volunteers have planted about 58.9 billion trees across the country, increasing China’s forest cover from 12% to 18% in two decades. 


Between 2009 and 2010, employees at Jiangmen Yi Xin Tanning Company Limited (“Yi Xin”) have planted nearly 2,000 larch seedlings on the mountain slopes surrounding their factory!


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