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Last 60 Signs of Junior Year Part V

on June 7, 2012

I must have felt like a cowboy that day, sans the snakehide boots and spurs, standing next to the bull pen in Pulver with Elise Ozarowski. Elise is really chill and her charisma really rubs off on Colby campus!   One of  her favorite quotes is:

“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land, there is no other life but this.”

I’ve always been fond of this Thoreau quote and the transcendentalist movement. My freshman year roommate John Gilboy called Thoreau out for claiming to live self-sufficiently at Walden while simultaneously having his mother do his laundry and escaping to the pub for a pint! But, I like to give him a little leeway for all the good introspective advice he’s offered. Even if he wasn’t in seclusion, his call to seize the moment in all of its profundity is no less meaningful!


Feeling the Aliveness with Mika Mintz, wishing my name was as alliterative. Mika is an outrageously good dancer so its only fitting that one of her favorite quotes is: “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music” by Nietzsche. Ironic that Nietzsche actually wound up going insane. Its a fine line between genius and insanity I guess. Realizing life’s elusive best kept secrets is the music that propels us into going through the motions everyday. Performing the same tasks with novel appreciation, the lackluster drudgery of repetition fades away.Image

Standing beneath a flowering tree, Anika Lindemann and me. Besides being beautiful, Anika is crazy smart and well-rounded. Both of us were taking advantage of the weather and going outside that day!


Standing with Bill Stauffer, Vice-President of Eco-Story, an LED lightbulb manufacturer based out of Portland, Maine. I invited Bill to Colby and he obliged by giving an awesome powerpoint on LED lighting. LEDs have proven to be an environmentally sustainable money-saver for businesses over traditional lights while retaining the look and ambiance businesses desire. They contain no mercury, last up to 40,000 hours and use up to 90% less energy than halogen and incandescent bulbs. The pay for themselves in about a year so it is a no brainer to buy them! Great job saving the environment Bill!


I was pretty amazed by this collapsable bowl that Bill had brought back from China. He was Colby’s first major in Chinese to graduate back in 1989 which turned out to be a great business decision as his knowledge of Chinese led him to set up operations in China which saves him substantial money on production!


The reverse side!


The three finger sustainability salute below belongs to Janice Kassman, a Colby veteran with 29 years of experience under her belt as dean of students and vice president for student affairs. She has done everything from reading difficult names at commencement to teaching etiquette to literally extinguishing fires. Her sense of adventure and eagerness have led her to take cameo roles in the Broadway Musical Revue and judge the Mr. Colby Pageant. Even after her retirement, she plays an active role on campus and is quick to befriend anyone and talk person to person about their Colby experience!Image

Standing beneath the watchful eyes of Audrey Hepburn with Preston Kavanagh. He graduated last year and it was good running into him.  When we both acted together, a costumer once told me that Preston has a perfectly proportional body. Ha! Some people are born with all the luck.


Nora Barnard and I with the world in our hands. Nora has taken many a religious studies class with me and has an extremely tranquil disposition. I really think she might be incapable of getting stressed out! spiritual views are out of this world and entail much wisdom. She lives what she believes and is able to calm any situation with ease and grace! I’ve really enjoyed hearing her discuss near-death experiences that she’s read about and what her psychic advises her to do. She has been remarkably prescient about the way life has unfolded for our friends the last three years.


This photo was the last taken by my friend Weiming during our junior year. I still wore signs after this, but did not photograph them! The sign I’m wearing is an accidental repeat, must have gotten mixed in with the wrong pile! I’m standing next to my roommate and easily one of the coolest dudes on the planet Ethan Farina-Henry from Eugene, Oregon. Ethan always played awesome music in our dorm and gave me an education in what my ears were meant to hear. A salute to you, my west coast hermano!



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