To care as ONE, to act as ONE, to protect as ONE, to be ONE

Last 60 Sign of Junior Year Part IV

on June 6, 2012

Getting a pick-me-up from Marina Dawn Wells in the Diamond Atrium. Marina is amazing,                                    not just because she has three nouns in her name, but because of her vivacious embrace                                         of life. Her can do attitude and zest for dancing,art and music are sure to imbue anyone with the                                     spirit of happiness and appreciation of what really matters!


I think its neat when I have an unintentional sign. I like “Surpass” because it is so succinct and forthright.” My shirt is from India, a gift from my friend Kishan Bhakta who traveled there in high school.


Kelly Ling (left) and Katherine Ackerman are nonchalant star students who are down                            to earth  and nonjudgmental. Can’t wait to hang with them back at school!


Khaled Khan is not your typical Colby Student, hailing from Kabul, Afghanistan, he has                                          serious street smarts and a flair for being informed and knowing the news. Despite all                                             that he has seen, he still remains optimistic and is a personal example of the power of perseverance.


Pictured with Hannah DeAngelis (left) and Jennifer Stephens, two of the coolest people                                           ever when it comes to dancing, writing, speaking and making a positive difference in                                           other people’s lives!


In the library with Reesa Kashuk, a psych major who graduated this year. I first met                                           Reesa at a meditation retreat where her poise and presence filled the room with tranquility!


Sporting the three finger sustainability salute in Dana dining hall with Katie Rose Allan,                                                a fun-loving gregarious girl from Michigan who loves to dance and throw disc!


Aurore Spiers definitely “has a friend in me.” I got to know this French Teacher’s Assistant                                         well this last semester as she hung out with all my close friends in my dormroom.


Michael Brophy, my freshman year floormate is graduating this year. He was quite the                                              big man on campus as editor of the school newspaper and all-around good guy! My                                              sign: “Be your own boomerang, come back to yourself” is easy to say but hard to do.                                          I’ve never been able to throw a boomerang and have it return to me. But coming                                                       back to yourself, i.e. relearning how to see the world as novel, with the eyes of a child,                                              is a task worthy of constant re-commitment.


On Miller Lawn with Omari “Groovi” Matthews and Eyeris “Pocahontaz” Kim. Omari is                                             one of those people who could be put in a random room and come out ten minutes later                                    friends with everyone he met. Omari is a hilarious actor and the best masseuse at Colby.                                          Eyeris is quite the singer and an awesome person to live down the hall from,                                                     always smiling and conversational!


Avram Reisman is one thoughtful, insightful and caring man. He became one of my closest                                 pals at Colby and has been an ambrosial splash of friendship ever since! We took this picture                                 after placing second in a dumpling eating relay contest. My roommates Max and Autumn                                      were on our team and scarfed sown the fifteen dumplings we each had to eat like the                                         Sarlaac pit from Star Wars. I didn’t even barf afterward although it almost happened!                                               My sign, “effloresce” means to reach the optimum stage of development, to blossom.



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