To care as ONE, to act as ONE, to protect as ONE, to be ONE

The Last 60 Signs of Junior year Part II

on June 4, 2012

“Fall Into the Patterns of Love”

This photo is the only one I’ve ever taken in my last dorm room. Kayla Chen is one of my closest friends and I’ll be sure to keep in touch with her when she moves to Argentina! I wish it had not taken until her senior year for us to become such pals, but better a short time to get to know someone than no time at all. Kayla is fluent in Chinese and Spanish and is an incredible dancer. Watch out world!

Miles de Klerk is awesome and this sign really reflects his values as he is well-informed and doesn’t take guff! The shirt I’m wearing is from a Colby POSSE retreat that focused on gender. The shirt’s slogan, “Born this way?” and the theme of the retreat really made me walk in others’ shoes and appreciate the struggle of sexual orientation which I had not thought of much as a straight male. The POSSE program which hosted the retreat offers scholarship for underprivileged students. All of my POSSE friends are awesome and make Colby a more loving environment!

Lizzy Woodbury is such a spunky, peppy person that she lights up any room she walks into! The sign, “Turn Wisdom Into Wounds” is my first guest sign- the quote is by Oprah! My football coach in high school used to say, “Go tell your problems to Oprah” because he sure wasn’t going to listen to them! Mr. Maradei was also the physical science teacher and I ended up giving him a framed picture of Oprah he could reference to in class. He still keeps it on his desk.

Arvia is a girl after my own heart. I do not mean that she is romantically pursuing me, but that she is pursuing my first intended major, psychology with a concentration in neuroscience. Arvia is one of the most genuine well-intentioned girls I know and I’m thrilled she is in my class year!

Alex MacMillan is one of the coolest cats at Colby. A humble hunk who speaks his mind, Alex has a career ahead of him in the rap industry!

Colby wouldn’t be the same without Mark Nelson, baseball pitcher and all-around gentleman who is never too busy to say hello or take a minute to pose for a photo!

Outside my dorm room with Solón Antonio Argüello, a truly dapper dude with an eye for fashion and panache!

Megan Rose MacKenzie is a wonderful human being! Nothing but thoughtful conversations and meaningful moments had with this California girl!

Another photo with Jeff Carpenter, sporting the Sustainability salute like a boss! Jeff was actually THE sign for that day due to his all-around awesomeness!

Pictured with Julia Lo on my right and Hiya Islam on my left. I can’t say enough about Julia, she is the most genuine person I’ve ever had the fortune to meet. She is extremely considerate and has taught me so much about living a full life. I really am grateful for every moment we spent together and how she brought out the best in me. Hiya is just as great and a very dear friend. She hails from Bangladesh and is a physics major which complements her zany sense of far-out humor!



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