To care as ONE, to act as ONE, to protect as ONE, to be ONE

The Last 60 Signs of Junior Year Part I

on June 4, 2012

The first 10 sign installment of my last 60 signs of the school year!

“Happiness Depends on you”

My first pose captured by photographer and rising senior at Colby College, Weiming Huang, a great friend of mind from China. I could think of no one better to take this photo with than Lauren Colwell. She is one of the friendliest and outgoing people I know and is never without a smile. If everybody was as excited about life and as easy to talk to as Lauren, Colby would be a nicer campus!

Jane Allen is one of my favorite people on the planet! Her disposition is as sunny as Florida from which she hails! Jane is hilarious and buoyant, able to turn any frown upside down with her 80s pop culture references!

Doug Newkirk is one of my closest friends and I’ve had the privilege to act with him in a number of productions at Colby. In our last play together, he was the good cop and I was the bad cop. He got to do the closing monologue and I had to stagekick our friend Rob in a corner. Speaking of hurting people, two of Doug’s rules to live by are Don’t Hurt Anyone or Piss Anyone Off. Well said Doug!

In the Pugh Center with Margaret Sargent. The Pugh Center’s mission is to promote multicultural communication and understanding at Colby. Margaret is an awesome singer for Colby’s Broadway Musical Review (BMR). I acted in her first play at Colby, the Laramie Project.

My spirits being lifted by Trip Venturella! Saying Trip is one of a kind is an understatement. He is one of the finest human beings I have ever had the honor of encountering. As a fellow Religious Studies major, he studied abroad in Bhod Gaya, India, the site where Shakyamuni Buddha became enlightened under the Bhodhi tree over 2,500 years ago. I will be doing the same program as Trip which is offered by Antioch University. I will be living in a Burmese monastery for three months and then doing an independent study of Tibetan throat chanting with the Gyuto monks in Dharmsala for a month.

Pictured with three time world champion hoop dancer Brian Hammill and his wife and son who carries on the tradition. Brian performed his hoop dance at Colby, balancing a dozens hoops on his body while dancing. During the dance, shapes are formed in storytelling ritual such as the butterfly, the eagle, the snake, and the coyote, with the hoop symbolizing the never-ending circle of life.

On the academic quad with Jack Harris (left) and Grant Patch, my roommate during junior year. These guys have taught me tons from philosophy to music and I am indebted to them for all the great memories from coffee house sing- alongs to hikes in the arboretum.

Jeff Carpenter is fluent in Japanese and Cool hand luke with a video camera. Talk about an outstanding guy with a great sense of humor! Jeff is level-headed and quick with a quip, not to mention that he could film himself as he doubles as an actor!

Chillaxify, a portmanteau of to make chill and relax! Livin’ the dream! Boo yah


Molly Hodson is one of the brightest rays of sunshine that has shown on Mayflower Hill. She really brightened up the Grossman Art Housing dorm we lived in sophomore year!








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